Thursday, March 02, 2006

Update in 4 Months

Hello to my faithful readers. It's been almost about 4 months, and I can finally relax a little. I got into my top choice college, so it's all good.

School Newspaper's going very well. I definitely shattered a few myths about me being the Nazi Conservative. One was that I wrote a factual piece on the Alito confirmation, and it received good feedback (people were spending much time debating it, which is rare). Second was a huge anti-HAMAS commentary. This school has a very big Jewish population, so it really threw them off their feet when I wrote something that's *gasp* Pro-Israel. Naturally, this one girl who always tries to harass me for my political views (the one who called me an obnoxious jerk in response to my Sheehan column) again tried to "pwn" me, this time saying that I was "pissed that the free elections didn't turn out the way I wanted." Damn right I'm pissed, but I'm also really disappointed in the Palestinians. Now that Sharon and Arafat are out of the way, they blew a huge chance to start over with the Israelis.

Not too many other updates actually. The only major one from my school is that my sociology teacher is spending this quarter teaching a class on race relations. It's pretty decent, except for the occasional moments where he slips into white-bashing mode. I would have to say that his course has an agenda, but no objective whatsoever. We basically spend every single day discussing the grievances of minorities, espeically the Blacks, Hispanics, and Indians. Of course, Asians don't count because according to him, we're "honorary whites" and we sold out a long time ago. I love how he says he's trying to promote racial understanding. He only alienates a few races. Nothing bad, right?

Then there was the unit we did on Jews. Given modern conditions, I would expect him to be a Jew-basher. He wasn't. He really supported to Jews (he should; he's married to one). Of course, he doesn't support him in the way I would expect. Everyday, he would launch into an anti-Christian tirade on how we oppress the Jews. Now, I don't deny that if the Islamic influence dimished, there would be more anti-Semitism, but please; he at least could have fed the class reality and not bullshit. What's worse is that there's a liberal Jew in the room who agrees with every word he says. Guess what happened when he opened a class with the question "how would the Jews react if America suddenly decided to go to war with Israel?" Of course, I call him out on such an unrealistic proposal, adding that we wouldn't want to lose a key ally in an unstable region (especially Bush, who tends to politick a lot). He responds, "my purpose is to make you uncomfortable so I can get you thinking." Let's try this: for the rest of the quarter, I'm going to make an extreme-right statement in class. We'll see the outcry it gets from my classmates as well as the predatory counterpoints-borderline-subtle censorship from the teacher. Free thinking when it only goes one way right? Maybe if he didn't push so much of an agenda people would be even more uncomfortable and would think better. Bet he never thought of that.

My speculation on 2006 Massachusetts Gubernatorial election voting record was right. All teachers voting for Reilly except for the 2 Republican English teachers. The primary has them locked in debate though. One's voting for Kerry Healy (current Lt. Gov.) and another plans to vote for Gary Lee. We'll have to see who breaks through.

Next item is Black History Month. Definitely a time to celebrate. There was a bulletin board dedicated to some of the lesser-known and more contemporary blacks for dissented from the mainstream. I see people on there like Thurgood Marshall, Danny Glover, Angie Stone, Kofi Anan, Queen Charolette, and Coretta Scott King. Good stuff, except three good people are missing. Given current events involving racism from within, I would expect Michael Steele to be there. He endured way too many racially charged attacks to just be left in the dust. Another famous black that gets no credit is Thomas Sowell. Good social commentator and definite influential figure. Too bad everybody sees him as a sellout. Next is Uncle Tom, I mean, Clarence Thomas. Yea that Clarence Thomas. I've seen the way the school characterized him before. One of the test questions for US History was "what is Clarence Thomas' most known feat on the SCOTUS?" The correct answer was "votes with Scalia on 93% of issues." Wow. Way to make him out to be the house slave. Of course, he's not on there either. I actually put out a request to have him on there, but the man in charge of the bulletin board utterly refused, citing that Clarence Thomas does not represent Black interests. Since when did he have to?

Final Newsbrief: As asshole teacher in Colorado spent a portion of class ranting against America. Only one student stood up to him. That brave souls deserves a Freedom Seal of Approval. Link here:
Hat tip to REAL TEEN from Right on the Right.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Ally in Academia

My European Literature teacher created a sensation in the class today by coming out as a Republican. We were discussing John Milton's Paradise Lost and digressed onto the topic of rejection from college. That was when he seized the moment to criticize the mis-emphases of modern learning theory.

As far as I could tell, he seemed to have a major beef with self-esteem. He never stated that it's over-emphasized in public school, but all of his quotes point to it. "[This school] has the worst quirks. All you guys think 'MY LIFE IS OVER IF I DON'T GET INTO HARVARD.' You know what I think? I think society shelters the youth a little too much. I've taught at many different schools and I would have to say that students in this one handle rejection the worst. When I was in school we faced rejection all the time, so when I applied to Harvard and I didn't get in, it came as no shocker to me." The reaction of the class was rather hilarious. The students were pretty much stunned, especially this extremely liberal girl (I just found out she was in charge of the "Casulties in Iraq" map), who, while normally talkative, didn't speak for the rest of the class. When I commented, "welcome to the self-esteem generation," he responded with, "exactly."

This teacher already had conservative inclinations. Over the past 3 months, he's dropped a few subtle hints that he disagrees with the way kids are currently being taught. His teaching style is also rather rigorous and classical. By that I mean he opens up the class to a moderated symposium and teaches us in a very Socratic manner. Even when we say something that he agrees with, or if we say something that hits close to the target, he always plays devil's advocate until we hit the bullseye.

Later on during the Paradise Lost discussion, we were discussing the stance of Humanists vs. the stance of Catholics. I asked him about his stance on issues, and that was when he dropped the bombshell: "I'm not as conservative as I make myself out to be, but I'm a Republican." When I asked him if he was a RINO (a term most real Republicans should be familiar with) he responded with "definitely not." I wish I could have probed him a bit more, but by then, the class had ended. Still, it's nice to know that someone within the higher powers shares my views and would support me in a debate. Yet another Republican English teacher. Brilliant.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


An Army recruiter came in today for lunch. He had no place to set up, so the administration put him in front of the current events board. Seems like a pretty good move, considering the current events board featured an article talking about Army recruiters scouting NASCAR tracks. However, immediately after he had finished setting up, the man responsible for the current events board removed the recruiter article and posted 2 anti-military articles. One did coverage on the nation's growing opposition to military recruiters. The other was an opinion piece titled "Anti-war Activists, Where are you?", a piece targetting young America to "throw down your iPods and take up the peace sign." What's worse is that the writer thinks that we should protest Iraq the same way we should protest Vietnam. My interpretation is that the author intends for young America to spit at our soldiers as well.

The administration originally established that the only articles featured on the current events board are should to be factual articles detailing current events. However, recently, I've been seeing more and more op-ed pieces on there. That I can easily forgive, and probably encourage. However, posting two blatantly anti-military articles in the presence of a military recruiter is completely inappropriate, if not disrespectful. In addition, it's also a dirty form of subliminal messaging, and I won't stand for it. I will try to find out the man's intentions for doing this. He better have a good excuse.

As if that weren't enough, some of our school's druggies organized a mini-chant, "don't kill babies" (note the hypocrisy), and started parading around the building, chanting faster when they pass the recruiter. The vice principal caught wind of this and spoke to them about it. The VP is aware Tinker vs. Des Moines would allow the students to do a chant like that, so she spoke to them about their ethics, and the principals respect. Normally I would fight for the students, but for once, I think I agree with this authoritarian b*tch.

The recruiter then had a little break from the activism, 10 minutes or so. Then 2 flamboyant women (presumably lesbians, judging by their holding hands and groping each other) started asking the recruiter about info on gays in the military. This put him in an uncomfortable position, but he explained anyway. Just before he brought up the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, a dude came up, saluted the recruiter, and then started making comments about how good he (the recruiter) looked, and proceeded to ask him questions about how soldiers "entertain" themselves while at war. Sexual harassment anyone?

As a person who takes a genuine interest in joining one of the branches of the Armed Forces (undecided as of yet), I chimed in and started making conversation with the recruiter. I saw the look of relief in his eyes. A few seconds pass by, and the lesbians and the dude leave, high-fiving each other.

Those were all the happenings I witnessed today. Our school has 3 lunches, and I was only there for one of them, so who knows? I honestly feel bad for the recruiter, taking all that shit from a school community that prides itself on openess and respect.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Where to Begin?

Teaching Americans to Hate America

Apparently my activism is making more waves than I expected. About a week ago, I showed Dr. Thomas Woods's book The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History to one of the AP US History Teachers. She was rather delighted, and proceeded to order a copy for herself. Clearly she was a centrist, because after all the squeals of happiness, she immediately said, "you gotta examine history from all sides. I have to make sure some of the stuff I'm saying is irrefutably true." I was happy that someone was sensible enough to at least investigate into the "underground" scholarship of history. That happiness faded fast.

I was walking homeroom this morning and I couldn't help but notice that there were multiple copies of A People's History of the United States and Lies My Teachers Told Me circulating. I myself have used the first book. It's not bad, but it's pretty much accepted that Howard Zinn is extremely liberal revisionist and anti-American. Normally I wouldn't object to the teaching of his book, but teaching it in coordination with Lies My Teacher Told Me (DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE TITLE; IT'S AN EXTREMELY ANTI-AMERICAN BOOK) puts our US History curriculum in question. If this wasn't in response to my presentation of P.I.G, it makes me even more suspicious of what the history teachers may be doing. This type of stuff should really be subject to a good amount of scrutiny.

Anecdote of the Day

During a group discussion in Medieval Literature, I pointed out that the Jews are the most oppressed people in the world. Immediately, a prominent liberal tries to nail me for my anti-Semitism. He backed down because 1) Someone else in another group (a liberal) was saying the exact same thing and 2) I interrupted his ad hominem and finished my statement: the prized Ivy League Schools, the American government, and the U.N. are only making the world worse for them, and that this kind of treatment should end.

Bulletin Board

The Cindy Sheehan column is still making reverberations. This morning, I noticed that one of our giant bulletin boards was covered with a giant map of the United States. I didn't know the purpose of this map, so I ignored it. Later today, a few kids were placing pins on the map. Guess what they represent? Give me a silent nod if you catch my drift. There was a handwritten title describing the map as "US Casualties in Iraq" and a sheet of paper on the site saying "Each pin represents one body that will be returning home inside a flag-draped coffin." Technically the bulletin board is free use, so I can't do anything about it, but damn. It's on. I've been on the defensive for a while now, but it's time to start taking the offensive. Now that I'm writing for the school newspaper, I have a very useful tool to make my attacks.

More on the school newspaper

Many of the letters I read actually agree with my view. Naturally a few people called me an extremist obnoxious jerk, but in a school where Political Correctness is a mentality, I was suprised that more people agreed with me than not. It turns out that even the anti-war crowd is sensible enough to realize that Sheehan had an underlying motive and was being an extremely annoying presence. Not to mention, her conduct and her speech were absolutely flippant for a "grieving mother." I guess I have a lot of work to do this year when converting people to neoconservatism. No word yet on whether or not I should respond to some of the letters in the next issue of the school newspaper.

School Newspaper coverage is ongoing. Keep on tuning in.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Smiley, Alito, and the News

There's too much to fit in this post. Here goes...

"Someone Buy This Kid a Dictionary Part II"

It's old news now that Thomas "Smiley" Delay has been indicted. Apparently it's something new to one of the kids in my school. Upon reading the headline of last week's Globe, he started high-fiving his friends. When he noticed me, he regained his composure and I asked him why he was so happy. He knew I was conservative, so the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "I'm not a liberal, but I'm definitely not a fascist." Clearly he didn't look up the term "Fascist" in the political dictionary, nor did he look it up in the Standard English dictionary. The next half an hour resulted in a pretty heated political debate, but he knew he had no chance after I defined the term "fascist" and listed the actual beliefs associated with it. Being his proud self, he kept going, but he showed some pretty obvious signs of waning confidence and desperation. The bell rang after that, so the debate couldn't close, but I think what he heard from me might make him go home and re-examine some of his misconceived terms.

Racism and Alito

It became immediately obvious to me how much Miers sucked as a candidate for the SCOTUS. Well, Bush is on a rebound, at least within the conservative community. With that said, thank God for Alito. Naturally the liberals feel the need to bring up the subject of his race. Can't have another "fascist white man" on the court right? Any levelheaded person would notice the racism of certain attacks against Alito. Some of it is subtle, like the supposed Democrats' document circulating that claims Alito failed to prosecute Mafia members because he was Italian-American. While the Democrats might have intended this to be a nepotism attack, it's pretty obvious that this attack is ethnically charged. Democrats in all their integrity and "tolerance" shouldn't even think of this strategy. Oh well. I guess one part of them hasn't changed since the 1960's: their underlying racism. According to MSNBC's Chris Matthews, "This is either a very bad coincidence or very bad politics. Either way it's going to hurt them. … Not abortion rights, not civil rights but that he failed to nail some mobsters in 1988 – this is the top of their list of what they've got against this guy. Amazingly bad politics."

School Newspaper

Coverage of the school newspaper continues, but before that, I'd like to refer you to a CNN "article" on what Bush keeps in his pockets. This wasn't filed under Opinion, and CNN presented this attack as... NEWS. Bias? I think so.

As for the newspaper, I spoke with the freshman writing an opinion about America's bungled disaster relief system. He's ambivalent on which liberal approach he wants to take to present the issue. As far as I see, if he wants to make disaster response about race, he can either pull a Kanye West (GEORGE BUSH DOESN'T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE) or an Anti-American (ALL AMERICANS HATE ARABS). I think the Kanye West argument would be easier for him to make, especially since he can mention that we responded extremely fast to Wilma (which struck where all the rich old white people live). I would also expect him to tie in Iraq. He's not politics-savvy, so he'lll probably use "how is it that we were so fast to get to Iraq, but so slow to get to New Orleans?" Whatever argument he uses, I will nail him in a counterpoint. Point-counterpoint is the only section of the newspaper with a lenient word limit, so I really look forward to his writing his piece and my fisking of it.

In addition to that, I will no doubt try to defend -- to the best of my ability -- all these indictments and charges against the Bush Administration and the Republican Party. While I object to certain actions done by certain members, I believe the media *coughcoughNewYorkTimescoughcough* is making much bigger an issue of this than it's supposed to be. My hypothesis is that they want to shift the public's attention from their own guilt, because even if info was leaked by the administration, the media is equally as guilty for making it available to the public (and then refusing to reveal the source from which it got the info).

More on this later. Coverage will be ongoing.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Someone Buy this Kid a Dictionary

I was doing my homework in school today when I suddenly hear a kid start on a rant about the "right" to universal healthcare, the "right" to social welfare, and the "right" to social security. Clearly this kid did not know the meaning of the word "right" and couldn't differentiate it from the terms "title" and "privilege." If my assumptions are correct, this kid probably also knew jack about government. Curious, I investigated into what he was doing that triggered this sudden rant.

The kid went on that tangent while he was working on a Constitutional case studies paper. He was to pick from a list of questions about the Constitution and write a paper answering the question. I worked on this paper last year, and some of the questions genuinely got people thinking while others were just plain absurd. My guess is that this kid's question pertained to the "right" to universal healthcare and social security. I remember a question like that, and the kid who contested that question was in for a rather rude awakening.

My school US History curriculum uses the Constitutional case studies paper to segue into a unit on the Constitution. Basically, the kid didn't know anything about the Constitution or the government. Yet here he is ranting away about how the government is failing in its "responsibility" to protect everyone's "right" to healthcare, welfare, and social security. Our school has very high standards for US History too. I guess it's yet another failure of the public indoctrination system.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hating Christopher Columbus at Pierce School

Columbus Day: to celebrate or not to celebrate? That was the question posed to seventh graders at Pierce School in Brookline as a project for their special unit on Christopher Columbus, taught during the weeks preceding Columbus Day. The answers were to be published in the opinion section of the Brookline TAB, the town's newspaper, which I stumbled across while browsing the noteworthy updates of TABs across the state of Massachusetts (I do this weekly and I recommend this activity highly as it has proved to yield plenty of entertainment for the whole family) .

Ironically, all the answers provided by the seventh graders and dutifully published by the Brookline TAB had the same programmed party line, i.e., Columbus was a villain who enslaved helpful good-willing Indians, robbed them of their land, and afterwards the monster murdered 3,000,000 Arawak Indians. Most people would be shocked to hear this and would assume that these specially chosen seventh graders possess quite an active imagination. This assumption would be a wrong one. The source of disinformation is promptly and proudly revealed in the children’s’' letters.

All answers begin with the same prompt raving about the teacher "opening their eyes" at last to the horrible and hidden truth which only a few are privy to. The students feel privileged and enlightened about the true Columbus, they are grateful and eager to preach the greedily grasped ideas. The classic features of indoctrination are in full view, ready for the astonished world to view and examine.

We have observed these features before, haven't we, in the appeals of the Soviet propaganda, fascist propaganda, and islamist brainwashing. However, it is shocking to stumble upon such an odious indoctrination material in a free country, which grants everyone, even the children, the choice of their political convictions and the sacred gift of free speech. The trick here is to mold the children while they are still unaware of the choices. The middle school is a perfect environment for such a noble goal. The idea is not new. It was and is still used for this purpose in all totalitarian societies.

Here are some profound truths handed down to the victims of indoctrination:

"In my history class at the Pierce School, we have spent the last two weeks discussing Columbus and many other explorers. In that time, I have learned that Columbus was a cruel person. He forced that Arawaks to work for him and be his slaves after they were very kind to him."

"In my history class at the Pierce School, we have spent the last two weeks discussing Columbus and many other explorers. In that time I have learned that he thought he was in India, so he called the Native Americans Indians. I think because of his terrible behavior the holiday should not be called Columbus Day."

One of the more shocking 'facts' with which the children were armed and miseducated by their chief indoctrinator was: "Columbus destroyed 2 [million]-3 million of the Arawak population." Stop the presses, Christopher Columbus was the first person who invented the atomic bomb!

The students were then programmed to demand a new name for the holiday, among the choices were Arawak Day, Explorers Day, and even naming it in honor of the "stylish Vikings". Former Secretary of Education William Bennett coined the formula of style for the cultural education taking place in the public schools: "Hey hey, ho ho! Western civ has got to go!"

We all know why the instructors at American indoctrination camps brainwash their students against conservatives, Christians, Jews, Zionists, and especially President Bush. What brings them to this hate of Christopher Columbus, you may ask? The answer is found in a letter of a good student who listened to his teacher and/or received a healthy dose of Ritalin which is indispensable in the process of bringing up little robots for the cause: "We also need to give a huge apology to the Native Americans for stealing their land!"

The quote explains it all, Christopher Columbus is now at fault for his vile and terrorist activities in bringing western civilization to the Americas, along with George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers. After further researching the issue, it turns out that the Pierce School indoctrinator did not make up anything new: Christopher Columbus had been a target of the anti-PC left for quite a while now. Dinesh D'Souza explained this new fanaticism in his 1995 piece, "The Crimes of Christopher Columbus."

I receive numerous reports from outraged parents and students about the liberal indoctrination they encounter on a daily basis: removal of the American flag from the classrooms, refusal to have students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning; teachers wearing "Not My President" buttons in class. To this routine liberal agenda aimed to turn the students away from the founding fathers, we must say: "Enough!" Every country in the world has its national heroes and feels pride for their founding fathers. Then there's the American public indoctrination system, teaching students to defame Christopher Columbus and George Washington, and to worship Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore instead.

I am posting these reflections two weeks after the children’s' letters were shamelessly published. I do hope to see some concerned parents and citizens speak up against this outrage. The letters were displayed originally as an example of how well the Brookline Public Schools are doing their job. It appears that it is now our responsibility to expose and fight this and other cases of educational corruption before it is too late and American traditional values will suddenly disappear. We need your help in this grassroots effort. Start by sending the published letters link to fellow patriotic citizens, calling Pierce School, as well as Brookline public school system. With your help, we'll be able to wake up America, so that everyone is able to see what is happening every day in the nation's public indoctrination centers.

Not only do we know the school's name, the name of the indoctrinator in question, Jamie Lyons, was also published. The relevant emails and contacts are listed below and are listed officially. Please keep me informed on your progress by emailing . I will update you on this effort shortly.

PIERCE SCHOOL Phone: (617) 730-2580

Principal: Pipier Smith Mumford
School Web Site
School Report Card
Summer School

Jean Malley, Secretary
Phone: (617) 730-2580
Fax: (617) 264-6468
Number of Students:548

PTO Presidents:
Cherie Gaehde
7 Griggs Terr.
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-738-8269

Susan Whitman-Helfgot
432 Washington St.
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-232-9009

John Capin
39 Cypress Street
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-738-5065

Joanna Vartanian
12 Stanton Rd.
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-734-5108

The e-mail address of the teacher is
You could also try tracking down the contact info for the Brookline Schools Superintendent, William Lupini. We definitely need some of our voices heard at the Brookline TAB!
You can email them a letter to the editor at