Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hello from a New Redneck

Hello my fellow rednecks, bigots, fascists, nazis, homophobes, and wingnuts. This is Mike "A.Z.N" DuBois, Republican Voices' resident Public School Battleline Correspondant. Our gracious Editor-in-Chief has invited me to join his movement of the conservative counterculture of public school children. I will work as hard as I can to get more updates to the indoctrination center.

For those who were here from the beginning and for those of you who were here for the express purpose of using this site to cite examples of indoctrination, you will not be disappointed. Like Emil, I am a firsthand victim of the public education. Since embracing conservatism, I have noticed more and more indoctrination every day, and have seen the oppression of the conservative minority. It saddens me greatly to see the anti-Americanism and the oppressiveness of our nation's government schools. I see the students as victims of liberal bias in education, and I feel sorry for them. Adults have taken advantage of their impressionable minds to push their own personal agenda.

Help Emil and I in our journies to expose the unprofessionalism in our public schools, and join me in my quest to convert and heal the victims of the left. Over the next few months, I will be pumping out real life examples of liberal oppression with unflinching commentary, introducing new converts to the right, and updating you on the toils of old converts. The RV staff and I are proud to be part of the vast rightwing conspiracy, and I hope you as the reader will stand beside us as we continue our attacks against the radical left.


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