Sunday, May 29, 2005

Something I had never noticed

I just remembered something I saw last Friday. In our main building, there's a bulletin board with a world map. It had almost every language of the world tacked to its respective countries. Guess which one was missing? When I asked the administration why UK, Australia, US, and all those countries didn't have a language tacked to them, they simply replied that " would be disrespectful to other cultures in this country... ."

Simply acknowledging English as the official language of a few countries and the primary language of others, is not offensive to other cultures -- that is, unless the political correctness virus fused with the multiculturalism pathogen. What makes it different from the rest? Nothing. In fact, it's growing as a GLOBAL language, not just the language of Australia, UK, Canada, and US. Pardon me multiculturalists for the countries I forgot. My racist biggoted homophobic redneck mind is too stupid to remember every single English-speaking country in the world and their secondary languages. I made a plea to the Dean of Students, who is very close with me, and more than proud of being a native English-speaker. I looked at the board again the following Friday. I saw English branch out to many countries, but one country STILL didn't have a language tack. What country might that be?

I went to the administration again to complain. Again, they gave me the multiculturalist PC liberal reply that "the US has no language." Hmm. That explains why most of the internet (a US brainchild) is in ENGLISH, most people use ENGLISH to communicate, and why most GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS (education in general) are being taught in ENGLISH. This country's far more "melting pot" than it is "bowl of salad." Liberals, especially in the school administration, can't seem to accept that the large majority of people CHOOSE to assimilate (or at least part way) because there are "American" institutions that are simply more attractive, easier, and/or more suitable to a fast-paced life (e.g. fast food, status by merit, internet). At the same time, it unifies the country. What many multiculturalists don't realize is that their ideology can potentially lead to massive conflicts of cultural factions within the country. It saddens me that the nation's public schools are still teaching that multiculturalism is a good thing, endorsing it in every way possible, and forcing the students' young impressionable minds to accept it. Just to balance the anti-American, anti-Western, multiculturalist fervor, I really think Dinesh D'Souza's book What's So Great About America should be required reading.

One might argue that there are many districts have signs made in foreign languages (e.g. Chinatown, little Italy, etc), but go into the big cities and point out to me the signs in foreign languages. The only exceptions are the Spanish translations of ENGLISH signs, and even then, they're still supplements. However, my rant about elevating the Hispanics above everyone else is another rant.


At 6:38 AM, Anonymous A person said...

If you love this country so much read the Constitution. And as far as this whole "indoctrination" idea.. you make yourself sound like a giant hipocrite. You cant blaim someone for forcing their opinions on people and then do the exact same things yourself. Obviously you have never been around long enough or probably have never left your tiny little town to realize what the world actually is. Stop watching tv and forming an opinion of the world. Try to lear something real and then complain. Oh wait. Who cares. the Us is the only place ever worth visitng.

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Smed the Traveler said...

Interesting comment...just a note or two from me...yes, the United States is really the only place worth visiting. I have personally travelled through a majority of Europe and the Middle East so I can speak from experience, give me the ole USA any day! While those other places can be interesting from a historical and educational perspective, there is no where like America, which is why I've given the last 19 years of my life to defend it. As for the folks running this blog/site, just found it today and I want to thank you for it, great work!

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fisking what "a person" said is exactly like fisking a moonbat idiot.
1. What does the constitution have to do with this? The only connection I see is DuBois practicing his free speech, which is often oh-so-censored by Political Correctness.
2. I have no idea what a "hippocrite" is. I'll assume it's your ideology's unofficial mascot.
3. He proposed D'Souza's book as required reading to supplement what schools already have. It's called balance, not forcing his own ideals.
4. TV won't tell him jack shit about being conservative, and judging by his literacy and diction compared to yours, I can deduce that he's much more industrious and reads much more than you do, and has left mom's basement more times than you have.

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