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Bigots from Kansas

There's quite a bit to vent on the whole David Parker issue, especially about the way my town's been dealing with it. I've been reading all our letters to the editor on the issue, and further ones in response the rally. All of them boil down to "stop the homophobic agenda" and "anyone against gay marriage, or agrees with David Parker, is a bigot." Many of you will hate me when say this, but I am a champion of various gay rights, including adoption and, that's right, marriage.

I however, am in full agreement with Mr. Parker when he says he wishes to be notified if his SIX YEAROLD SON is to learn about homosexual and transgender families. Teaching homosexuality to the kids at such a young age would invariably prove that homosexuality is indeed a choice. And to borrow from our gracious webmaster, "if [you're a dude and] you choose an *ssh*l* over a vagina, you are f*cked in the head." From a liberal point of view, I can only see more hate for homosexuals result. From a conservative point of view, we'll step out our doors. The simple fact is that kids are too young to learn about love for the opposite sex, much less love for the same sex. I'm sure all of you (well, save for people beyond a certain generation) remember your cooties shots in first grade.

Then there's transgender. I didn't know what a penis was until fifth grade. Before then, it was always "peepee," "weewee," or "pointy thing." Call me close-minded, but if you don't start learning about your own reproductive organs until fifth grade, what gives the Gay Gestapo the right to teach you about someone else's reproductive organs (plurality emphasized) in FIRST grade? I can't think of an answer for that, and I can't even imagine WHAT is being said in that classroom, and WHAT the students walk away with.

Apparently this has penetrated deep into the school system. Gerard and I got into a conversation with a lady after the rally. While I perceived her as more an optimistic conspiracy theorist than anything else, she also was pretty knowledgable about public schools. She introduced us to a book called "The Dumbing Down of America," by an author whose name I can't recall. As Public School Battleline Correspondant, I will try my hardest to get a good copy of that book and read it. Otherwise, I definitely buy just about everything people say about the current state of the public school system.

Getting back to the Parker case, the administration was extremely irresponsible in the handling of this case. Not only did it take a long time to respond, but they got the Parkers' kid's age and grade wrong. If you also read the exchange of letters, you'll see that the administration frequently dodges the points and questions the Parkers make. This demonstrates one thing, and that is that the administration didn't even bother reading the Parkers' emails. And who gets shafted? David Parker.

I'm very sympathetic, and if I found myself in Mr. Parker's standoff with the administration and realized how much they're screwing me over, I'd have illegally obtained a firearm and gunned them all down. Fortunately, Mr. Parker only went as far as refusing to leave until a reasonable deal is reached. Since the public school system doesn't like conservatives, they decided to arrest, and later prosecute him for trespassing, and now he's banned from all Lexington schools. He's a relative newcomer to this state too. Welcome to Massachusetts Mr. Parker, because Massachusetts sure as hell doesn't welcome you (someone should tear down those signs at our state borders, since they're pure bullsh*t).

Just today, the issue permeated MY school system, since the rally was held in my town (keep googlin' me DC liberals. I hope you guys die doing it. My hacker friends still can't find any info on me). My first period English teacher, who I thought was very conservative, initiated a disicussion on Pre-Socratic philosophy. I loved that subject. But gradually we went on tangent after tangent, until we got onto a topic about faith and free speech. That's when she seized the opporutnity and asked us "do you think bigots from Kansas should be allowed to use our churches and public spaces to preach their views?" It was obvious what she was hinting at, and I became furious. I left the room to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, I'm glad that that discussion was closed ([un]fortunately, our whacked out foreign policy liberals still hated gay marriage, and that put her in her place).

Jesus Chr*st. It's one thing to tell your students what you think It's another to use such strong language to criticize a political wing. Granted, based on what Gerard told me, that rally used rather caustic language as well, but that event was political; the classroom is not. While David Parker and some of his "bigots from Kansas" did--in a moment of testosterone--disrupt some diversity rallies, like I said, even though I'm committed to balance, I'd have done much worse.

So the Gay Gestapo members can shove it. Go ahead and keep the GSA's, but keep your Little Black Books out of the hands of students, and keep your issues out of the elementary schools. minds are young, inquisitive, creative, and impressionable. We should be teaching them how to speak publically, how to debate, and how to think critically, not how to tolerate every single person and thing on this earth (except conservatives, of course).

P.S. For people in my local area, look for my letter to the editor on this issue in the near future. If it's not there, try the Opinion section. If not in either, it only shows how liberals deliberately censor the media to indoctrinate adults.


At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know much about these issues, but what's wrong with teaching children about their bodies and relationships (same and opposite)?
Just because children know about something doesn't mean they will do it. Drugs, for example. In 7th grade, children are taught about drugs. It doesn't make them smoke pot or take heroin (though many do anyway).

Teaching children about same-sex relationships is important, because as you said, children are impressionable. A child's parents can influence many things about how/what a child thinks. If you support gay rights, you certainly wouldn't disapprove of gays and lesbians being more understood? Gay education is an important part of progress towards gays and lesbians being fully accepted and given equal rights.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Mike DuBois said...

Please try to read and parse my entire post before commenting. Thanks.

I agree about awareness, but It's one thing teaching kids about homesexuality and tolerating members of the GLBT community; it's another teaching them about it at 6 years old. Like I said in the post, I didn't learn about my own penis until fifth grade, and even then, many kids handled it in a typical, inquisitive, yet immature manner. Unfortunately, there are still some kids in HS and college who giggle, blush, or feel uncomfortable at the mention of a reproductive organ. Keeping that in mind, imagine yourself in first grade. I'd imagine your parents wouldn't want you to learn about someone's mom's peepee before you learn about and understand your own. Same goes for little girls, only with the breasts and puberty complications added in.

I also mentioned that little kids handle love very immaturely too. As much as they like fantasy fairy tales, when it actually comes to love and relationships, the large majority don't even start to think about it until third grade. Before then, the almost universal thought is that members of the opposite gender have cooties. Again, I reiterate myself when I say let kids understand, or at least embrace the "normal" first, which is that nobody has cooties, relationships are good, and love is real. Then teach them to tolerate the abstract.

Again, keep in mind the larger picture, which is how controversial this issue is. I have a strong faith that the same-sex family controversy will simmer down, especially in the New England area, where it will be almost widely accepted, or at least tolerated. That being said, until that time, I would think that the best course of action would be to wait it out. Otherwise, teaching little kids about GLBT families, or even saying GLBT is a civil rights issue instead of a moral one, will undoubtedly forward the liberal political agenda. Based on my experience, liberals are almost always the first to bring up the matter of what races, ethnicities, and psychologies are associated with what political groups, usually making very ignorant and stereotypical statements that I view as very intolerant, offensive, and very politically incorrect. While PC is now a weapon and I hate it, I would still use it as a shield and enforce it, especially in elementary and middle school. If public schools are as unbiased as people claim, GLBT shouldn't be exposed to the little kids at such an early age, and neither should hot politics.

I will reiterate you when you say that a child's parents influence the kids. Most parents tolerate gays, have gay friends, or have known gays. People objecting to same-sex families are far from anti-gay. In modern day society, I find it very unlikely that a parent would be so immature as to tell their kid "when you grow up, I want you to shoot every dyke, bi, and especially fag that you see." The reason why many people appear antigay is because they don't like the ones who match the gay stereotype and/or blatantly flaunt their sexuality.

There's also the question of whether gay is a gene, a lifestyle, a response, or a disease. There are people advocating for each one, and I would like to see slightly more effort dedicated to finding the truth of this matter. The biggest debate now is between my friend, who says gay is a response, and his friends, some of whom say gay is a gene, others whom say it's a disease, and others who advocate for some extremely abstract theories. I would prefer not to disclose their sexual orientations, but you'd be very surprised if I did. What makes me proud as a conservative is that I don't get nitpicky about someone's background, nor do I really care.

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all have your facts wrong. They do not teach sexuality to children in Kindergarten in Lexington. The school has books that depict the diversity of families in the school. So mult-cultural, single head of household, same-sex household families are depicted doing what families do, dishes, sledding, etc. You are all in a different stratosphere about what the facts are.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger rightsforparents said...

I agree that this issue is about equal rights, but whose rights are being trashed? The parents' rights to "opt-out", guaranteed by state law, are being trampled on!

Intolerance and denial of rights are unacceptable. They are even more so when applied to a person trying to raise his son according to his cultural heritage.

This is a real "David v. Goliath" story with the Goliath (Lexington School Board) doing everything in their power to slay David. I'm putting my support behind David - and he needs all of the help he can get.

If you want the "facts" of this case, go to

At 8:49 AM, Blogger NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)


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