Friday, June 10, 2005

Coming out of the closet

No, I'm not gay, though I would love to say I am just to piss a liberal off. Minority conservatives are liberals' worst enemies, since they're the ones who are quickest to see through liberal propaganda, and consider America to be great compared to the bulk of the world's countries. For the curious ones, the ones who are nitpicky about one's background, and to further piss off a liberal, I've made subtle hints before about my ethnicity, but in case you've missed out, I am not white. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you, as the number of minority--especially black, woman, and some hispanic--conservatives grows daily.

The race that is often left out of any and all liberal bitchings about affirmative action, which races associate with what groups, and whatnot, is the yellow race. This is because there are so few Asian concervatives. I know that Asiatics don't necessarily represent all of Asia, as southern, northern, and some southeastern Asians almost comprise separate races on their own. However, collectively, Asian conservatives make up very little of the US population. This puts me among the few and the proud (sorry Marines), as I haven't succumbed by my country's constant bashing of Western civilization.

After all of that, you're probably wondering which part of Asia I am from. The answer to that question is China. I am 100% Chinese, born in China back in its pre-capitalist stages. I am the son of a CCP and CP-USA member, and the grandson of a Red Dragon (CCP army) veteran. I've lived a humble life, and to this day, am still very lazy. I lived in the perfect liberal-breeding environment.

What makes me conservative? My mom's constant bushwhacking and praise of Mao Ze Dong. Even with full knowledge that Mao took the Chinese economy to sh*t, murdered her own family members, she still sees him as an almost sun god. Top that off with the fact that she thinks the Chinese peasentry knew what was best for the country. Granted there was much greed and much assh*lism on the Nationalist side, but at least they were educated. If I were thinking about a good present, I'd go with the peasentry, but a wise man once told me that Communists are either stuck in the future, or stuck in the present. Thinking realistically and planning ahead, I'd rather have Mr. Warlord (Chiang Kai-Shek [Chang Jie Shi]) run my country than Mr. Fake Bleeding Heart (Mao Ze Dong).

Reinforcing my conservative base is my hate for China. Though I'd be better off there socially, if I were to criticize the fake democracy (even constructively), mention the world "religion," much less practice one, especially Buddhism and Christianity, or praise Taiwan, I'd be round up, tortured, castrated, bled to death, truncated, publically hanged, and then cut into tiny little pieces and thrown in the directions of the wind. The last statement is exaggerationg, but you get the point. I love this country, because if I were to suddenly turn liberal again and spit on our soldiers and conservatives, I will have the full knowledge that such soldiers and such conservatives are constantly battling for my right to spit on them. The opposite can be said about most other countries in the world. Fortunately, another socialist changeover is not likely to happen.

Among the conservative readers, I hope this post doesn't change the way you look at me. Among the liberals, I hope I've at least clarified that anti-Americanism will win over few liberals, and that "the plan" keeping all minorities liberal is failing miserably. My core message to you is essentially "STFU," but if you really love this country, I'll give you a chance at professing that love. Please get out of your little propaganda bubbles and have a shot at my kind of tolerance.


At 1:36 AM, Blogger Gribbit said...

Mike, I actually have more respect for you. Coming from that background and having the ability to overcome such indoctrination from such a young age and able to recognize the truth, its inspiring.

Keep up the good work.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Mike DuBois said...

I'd have to say at my age then, China didn't have too much political indoctrination mainly because the school I went to had 4 buffers: 1) The kids were too young to know what we were talking about, 2) the Red Scarf was like, totally last year (if you know what I mean), 3) we were an international school, and thus more immune to Chinese propaganda, and 4) This was before liberals thought to target the intellectuals.

Still, by the time I immigrated, the liberals were already attacking. Upon coming to America, I immediately started hating it because of what my parents had taught me, and embraced all anti-American and anti-Western views.

Still, thanks for the comment. I'm glad that that a spontaneous rant actually reached out to somebody on a level that goes beyond political views.


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