Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm sure you've heard enough liberals B&M about the "lack of equality." They've already gone too far in the economic and social domains. Now their campaign for so-called equality infesting others areas, namely the educational domain. Many of you probably remember James Chang, the former staff member whose house got vandalized. Well, he's not coming back to RV, but his friend called me with a little anecdote of an occurrence at a neighboring school. He had plenty to rant about.

He was taking a test on physical science a week ago. In the section comparing physical and chemical changes, one question read, "A gas pumper accidentally spills some gas onto the ground and makes a puddle. You come back to the gas station the next day and notice that the gas puddle was gone without a trace. Is the disappearance a physical or chemical change?" Anyone who knows basic chemistry would immediately spot that this question is vague and open to interpretation. Well, James' friend answered chemical change. He was "wrong." The teacher said it was a physical change because the gas had evaporated completely. Technically, it could be chemical as well because the gas could have combusted (burned up). When he pointed this fact out to the teacher, the teacher replied, "well, we didn't learn that yet" and sent him back to his seat, giving him no points for that extra knowledge that "misled" him.

Un-freaking-believable. This is the first time I've seen somebody Punished for knowing more than the curriculum teaches. Not only is that a blatant chipping away at one's individual responsibility, but it's implicitly preaching that we should be 100% obedient to the government (teacher) and only know what it tells us we should know, or we'll face serious consequences. James' friend knew why the teacher didn't give him the point. He has had a history of knowing more than his peers on the subject of physical science. The teacher hates students like him--the type who strives to get good grades. She wants students to learn for the sake of learning, and not just to get good grades. While this is good intentioned, she fails to acknowledge that she teaches at a high school. Grades are the most important there if one expects to go to college. Somewhere along the road, she got corrupted into thinking that the root of the problem was the burgeoning prodigy population, and began to dislike them passionately. The reason for this intense prejudice is unknown.

The friend also knows that the teacher is a hardcore liberal committed to academic equality, and has been known for setting unreasonably low standards and massively inflating grades. On the midterm exam, the worst student in the class scored less than 50%, but the teacher gave her a D-, stating "I didn't let you fail." Couple this with taking away points from James' friend. That's what I call "redistributing wealth." That's right. Academia now has its own form of socialism. Since the smart and hard-working kids don't "need" the extra points, the higher they score, the more points they lose, and all those points taken away by force are redistributed evenly among the low scorers. Obviously the teacher doesn't know that this practice doesn't do anything good at all. If anything, it DISCOURAGES the more motivated kids from doing outside research and ENCOURAGES laziness among the low scorers, since they all know they have a cushion to fall back on should they f*ck up badly on a test. Does this promote learning for the sake of learning? Not at all. I seriously hope this does not become the universal practice in public schools. If it does, I seriously hope that the local, state, and federal governments reconsider their funding to the public education system.


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