Thursday, June 16, 2005

School's out

At least for me, thank god. It ended rather shittily though (pardon the cussing; it's part of un-PC). Took a US History exam, which was my last exam of the year. It wasn't that bad, though the essay question had a slight liberal partisan. "You're President Bush's advisor. He needs your advice on 'strong leadership in times of change.' Use past examples (e.g. Lincoln and FDR) to tell him what he needs to do." Still, I respect the teacher for actually giving us a question that requires critical and lateral thinking instead of fact-spewing.

In other news, a few anti-war students (the more prominent ones) were distributing an alarmingly racist cartoon. I myself read a copy that was posted as a flyer. It featured Bush as a chimp, though he actually spoke perfect English ;). That's nothing out of the ordinary. However, the portrayal of Condi was a blatant attempt at ruining Black Republicans' images. She was a stereotyped Jim Crow, only with a hairstyle and her teeth were buck teeth. As if that wasn't enough, she spoke in pidgin and every frame portrayed the White House as a plantation and her as a house slave. Even though I'm anti-PC, I won't stand for that shit. It was a blatantly racist attempt at defaming Blacks (especially conservatives). What did the administration do about it? Absolutely nothing. I guess it's "freedom of speech" only when liberals post these things up, right? Out of respect for school rules, "academic freedom," and my agenda of exposing liberal hate, I left the comic up to see how many people it would piss off. More on this tomorrow.


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