Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Been a While

How's it goin' fellow rednecks? I was in Europe for about a month, which explains the lack of updates. I'll be running a few articles based on the European experience soon, but here's some indoctrination for you. These questions come right out of my Spanish workbook (I won't reveal its name, lest I be sued by the school for defamation):

Translate into Spanish:
Does our president have world fame?
The supreme authority in this country is the President
Some treat their enemies severely and cruelly
The pen is more powerful than the sword
In our modern civilization, such a war should not occur
For political reasons the President lowered the taxes
The wounded soldier died instantly
The French lady spoke with dignity

Conservative or liberal, it's become a pet-peeve to see apolitical things become politicized. It just so happens that the liberals are doing the large majority of the politicizing. This polarizes America even more. Democrats are pushing for unity. Why don't they actually take measures to achieve it, and not destroy it? That's right. I'm talking to you Clinton. I have my eyes on you.


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