Saturday, July 30, 2005

Combating Indoctrination

I bet those were the two words many of you have waited to hear since I've started blogging. I'm taking a break from all the b*tching and moaning about the public school system to tell you how to actually factually refute half of what you hear. I know that I was helpless for a while, but the kind members of Protest Warrior (you should know them very well by now) have created a huge database and stored them on a forum called PWIC: Protest Warrior Imperial Committee.

Right when you enter the site , a sub-forum called "Ammunition" beckons to you. The administrators have even indexed a collection of their own posts within the forum, including a special thread dedicated to the small trivial factoids that don't deserve a thread of their own. Though the forum is small, inactive, and relatively new, it is filled with facts that will make a liberal cringe. I stronly suggest you check it out. If you can, register and pop in your own two cents. The forum is like a huge intellectual "Take a penny-leave a penny box." Like Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to it.

If PWIC isn't enough, the Protest Warrior Database should fill in the gaps that PWIC may or may not leave. Either way, both sites are extremely good resources when in a debate, typing a position paper, talking in a symposium, or even just in casual conversation. Cheers, and I hope you find them helpful.


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