Thursday, July 28, 2005

Guilty as Charged

I thought our liberal friends, the DC Liberals, were only after us. Apparently not. Based on what they did, I can assume that many conservative sites, or owners of sites, have fallen victim to the crusade of the DC Liberals. To state a recent example, a few days ago, they hijacked a site similar to ours, The resulting site was this.

Still not convinced of liberal indoctrination? That site is all you need. Even if the superintendent and teacher signatures were bogus, the creation of the site itself tells us that the DC Liberals have come clean. They are indeed indoctrinating the kids. They never stated it would be liberal political indoctrination, but they said that everything they're teaching goes against conservative values. Essentially, not only are they imposing liberal political opinions, but they're imposing liberal morals and the liberal way of life as well. Essentially, the DC Liberals have committed what the American Bar Association calls admittance against interest. Thank you for fessing up.


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