Monday, October 31, 2005

Someone Buy this Kid a Dictionary

I was doing my homework in school today when I suddenly hear a kid start on a rant about the "right" to universal healthcare, the "right" to social welfare, and the "right" to social security. Clearly this kid did not know the meaning of the word "right" and couldn't differentiate it from the terms "title" and "privilege." If my assumptions are correct, this kid probably also knew jack about government. Curious, I investigated into what he was doing that triggered this sudden rant.

The kid went on that tangent while he was working on a Constitutional case studies paper. He was to pick from a list of questions about the Constitution and write a paper answering the question. I worked on this paper last year, and some of the questions genuinely got people thinking while others were just plain absurd. My guess is that this kid's question pertained to the "right" to universal healthcare and social security. I remember a question like that, and the kid who contested that question was in for a rather rude awakening.

My school US History curriculum uses the Constitutional case studies paper to segue into a unit on the Constitution. Basically, the kid didn't know anything about the Constitution or the government. Yet here he is ranting away about how the government is failing in its "responsibility" to protect everyone's "right" to healthcare, welfare, and social security. Our school has very high standards for US History too. I guess it's yet another failure of the public indoctrination system.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hating Christopher Columbus at Pierce School

Columbus Day: to celebrate or not to celebrate? That was the question posed to seventh graders at Pierce School in Brookline as a project for their special unit on Christopher Columbus, taught during the weeks preceding Columbus Day. The answers were to be published in the opinion section of the Brookline TAB, the town's newspaper, which I stumbled across while browsing the noteworthy updates of TABs across the state of Massachusetts (I do this weekly and I recommend this activity highly as it has proved to yield plenty of entertainment for the whole family) .

Ironically, all the answers provided by the seventh graders and dutifully published by the Brookline TAB had the same programmed party line, i.e., Columbus was a villain who enslaved helpful good-willing Indians, robbed them of their land, and afterwards the monster murdered 3,000,000 Arawak Indians. Most people would be shocked to hear this and would assume that these specially chosen seventh graders possess quite an active imagination. This assumption would be a wrong one. The source of disinformation is promptly and proudly revealed in the children’s’' letters.

All answers begin with the same prompt raving about the teacher "opening their eyes" at last to the horrible and hidden truth which only a few are privy to. The students feel privileged and enlightened about the true Columbus, they are grateful and eager to preach the greedily grasped ideas. The classic features of indoctrination are in full view, ready for the astonished world to view and examine.

We have observed these features before, haven't we, in the appeals of the Soviet propaganda, fascist propaganda, and islamist brainwashing. However, it is shocking to stumble upon such an odious indoctrination material in a free country, which grants everyone, even the children, the choice of their political convictions and the sacred gift of free speech. The trick here is to mold the children while they are still unaware of the choices. The middle school is a perfect environment for such a noble goal. The idea is not new. It was and is still used for this purpose in all totalitarian societies.

Here are some profound truths handed down to the victims of indoctrination:

"In my history class at the Pierce School, we have spent the last two weeks discussing Columbus and many other explorers. In that time, I have learned that Columbus was a cruel person. He forced that Arawaks to work for him and be his slaves after they were very kind to him."

"In my history class at the Pierce School, we have spent the last two weeks discussing Columbus and many other explorers. In that time I have learned that he thought he was in India, so he called the Native Americans Indians. I think because of his terrible behavior the holiday should not be called Columbus Day."

One of the more shocking 'facts' with which the children were armed and miseducated by their chief indoctrinator was: "Columbus destroyed 2 [million]-3 million of the Arawak population." Stop the presses, Christopher Columbus was the first person who invented the atomic bomb!

The students were then programmed to demand a new name for the holiday, among the choices were Arawak Day, Explorers Day, and even naming it in honor of the "stylish Vikings". Former Secretary of Education William Bennett coined the formula of style for the cultural education taking place in the public schools: "Hey hey, ho ho! Western civ has got to go!"

We all know why the instructors at American indoctrination camps brainwash their students against conservatives, Christians, Jews, Zionists, and especially President Bush. What brings them to this hate of Christopher Columbus, you may ask? The answer is found in a letter of a good student who listened to his teacher and/or received a healthy dose of Ritalin which is indispensable in the process of bringing up little robots for the cause: "We also need to give a huge apology to the Native Americans for stealing their land!"

The quote explains it all, Christopher Columbus is now at fault for his vile and terrorist activities in bringing western civilization to the Americas, along with George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers. After further researching the issue, it turns out that the Pierce School indoctrinator did not make up anything new: Christopher Columbus had been a target of the anti-PC left for quite a while now. Dinesh D'Souza explained this new fanaticism in his 1995 piece, "The Crimes of Christopher Columbus."

I receive numerous reports from outraged parents and students about the liberal indoctrination they encounter on a daily basis: removal of the American flag from the classrooms, refusal to have students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning; teachers wearing "Not My President" buttons in class. To this routine liberal agenda aimed to turn the students away from the founding fathers, we must say: "Enough!" Every country in the world has its national heroes and feels pride for their founding fathers. Then there's the American public indoctrination system, teaching students to defame Christopher Columbus and George Washington, and to worship Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore instead.

I am posting these reflections two weeks after the children’s' letters were shamelessly published. I do hope to see some concerned parents and citizens speak up against this outrage. The letters were displayed originally as an example of how well the Brookline Public Schools are doing their job. It appears that it is now our responsibility to expose and fight this and other cases of educational corruption before it is too late and American traditional values will suddenly disappear. We need your help in this grassroots effort. Start by sending the published letters link to fellow patriotic citizens, calling Pierce School, as well as Brookline public school system. With your help, we'll be able to wake up America, so that everyone is able to see what is happening every day in the nation's public indoctrination centers.

Not only do we know the school's name, the name of the indoctrinator in question, Jamie Lyons, was also published. The relevant emails and contacts are listed below and are listed officially. Please keep me informed on your progress by emailing . I will update you on this effort shortly.

PIERCE SCHOOL Phone: (617) 730-2580

Principal: Pipier Smith Mumford
School Web Site
School Report Card
Summer School

Jean Malley, Secretary
Phone: (617) 730-2580
Fax: (617) 264-6468
Number of Students:548

PTO Presidents:
Cherie Gaehde
7 Griggs Terr.
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-738-8269

Susan Whitman-Helfgot
432 Washington St.
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-232-9009

John Capin
39 Cypress Street
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-738-5065

Joanna Vartanian
12 Stanton Rd.
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-734-5108

The e-mail address of the teacher is
You could also try tracking down the contact info for the Brookline Schools Superintendent, William Lupini. We definitely need some of our voices heard at the Brookline TAB!
You can email them a letter to the editor at

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update: School Newspaper

Went to a staff meeting today. The next paper is coming out in two weeks, and the editors-in-chief have decided to print a few of the letters responding to my Cindy Sheehan column. The faculty advisor in charge of the paper has read all the letters, and she informed me that most of them were in concurrence with what I said.

I find that rather surprising and slightly. Either I subdued them with simple research, they're agreeing because they can't debate, they're afraid of the Republican teacher's wrath, or they actually agree with me. My assumption is that the majority of the students who wrote those letters oppose the war, but are sensible enough to realize that Sheehan's a nutcase. We'll see once these letters actually come out.

Another thing covered was a "coordinated" effort to write about Harriet Miers. One will write something factual about her. My assignment is to follow up the factual article with an editorial blasting her from a libertarian/conservative's perspective. Then a third person will use my example and quote from my article and blast the Bush administration for its recent wave of political cronyism and how bad the administration is. Not sketchy at all. The motives behind this are pretty dubious.

Third item on the agenda is a freshman who thinks America can potentially be racially biased in its disaster relief decisions. His basis is that we did so much for Katrina, Rita, and the Tsunami, but we're doing little to help the earthquake, the war-torn areas in Iraq, and Africa. I wish him good luck in gathering a good fact base for this article, because I feel that my position (that we are race blind) is more prominent and that MSM supports me more. The faculty advisors are actually advising against his writing of the article. Should he submit it, they will immediately notify me and the paper will run a point-counterpoint page on this issue.

More updates later...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Greetings Fellow Rednecks

Long time no post from this slave to the system. My school's actually become sensible. Our newspaper recognized the need for a convervative editorial writer to counteract the large amount of liberal opinion. Yours truly was invited (probably because I'm the only conservative in my school who can actually write). Well, this opens quite a few new doors. Like any good conservative, I introduced myself by declaring my support for the war. I wasn't blatant about it, but a scathing column against Cindy Sheehan was enough to get my name and reputation out there.

Reverberations came fast. One of our school's radical liberals confronted me within a week after the newspaper printed to tell me that I was an obnoxious jerk. What was ironic about the situation was that she interrupted me while I was practicing my instrument with a few friends of mine, pulled me into the stairwell (where sounds tend to echo), and proceeded to yell at me. One word: hypocrite.

A few days after that, the campus became plastered with "STOP THE WAR" posters from the October 29th Coalition, a peacenik organization with ties to United for Peace and Justice. I actually planning on doing some plastering of my own. For every STOP THE WAR poster I see on there, I'll surround it with four Protest Warrior posters. Hippie-ism shouldn't be allowed to go unchecked.

As if those weren't enough, one of our school's English teachers is having all of her students write me letters telling me what's wrong with my column. Given the nature of our students and the school's English curriculum, I'm expecting plenty of letters telling me "you're stupid and your argument's invalid because you didn't include any direct quotes from reliable sources." Great. School-sanctioned hate mail. Don't teachers have a legal obligation to report that kind of stuff? This one's giving it out as an assignment.

There's a glimmer of hope though. A Republican English teacher (yes, that sounds as contradictory as "Minority Conservative." Even worse, she's married to a Socialist) had her students do a similar assignment, except the letters her students are writing are recommended to be objective. While I still expect hate mail because we're a suburban school filled with spoiled teenagers, I would expect less deconstructionist letters, and maybe even a few letters of support. I've yet to read any of the letters, but our readers should definitely expect further coverage on this issue. Our newspaper took a huge gamble by recruiting me. I'll ensure that they get the biggest return from it.