Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update: School Newspaper

Went to a staff meeting today. The next paper is coming out in two weeks, and the editors-in-chief have decided to print a few of the letters responding to my Cindy Sheehan column. The faculty advisor in charge of the paper has read all the letters, and she informed me that most of them were in concurrence with what I said.

I find that rather surprising and slightly. Either I subdued them with simple research, they're agreeing because they can't debate, they're afraid of the Republican teacher's wrath, or they actually agree with me. My assumption is that the majority of the students who wrote those letters oppose the war, but are sensible enough to realize that Sheehan's a nutcase. We'll see once these letters actually come out.

Another thing covered was a "coordinated" effort to write about Harriet Miers. One will write something factual about her. My assignment is to follow up the factual article with an editorial blasting her from a libertarian/conservative's perspective. Then a third person will use my example and quote from my article and blast the Bush administration for its recent wave of political cronyism and how bad the administration is. Not sketchy at all. The motives behind this are pretty dubious.

Third item on the agenda is a freshman who thinks America can potentially be racially biased in its disaster relief decisions. His basis is that we did so much for Katrina, Rita, and the Tsunami, but we're doing little to help the earthquake, the war-torn areas in Iraq, and Africa. I wish him good luck in gathering a good fact base for this article, because I feel that my position (that we are race blind) is more prominent and that MSM supports me more. The faculty advisors are actually advising against his writing of the article. Should he submit it, they will immediately notify me and the paper will run a point-counterpoint page on this issue.

More updates later...


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