Tuesday, November 15, 2005


An Army recruiter came in today for lunch. He had no place to set up, so the administration put him in front of the current events board. Seems like a pretty good move, considering the current events board featured an article talking about Army recruiters scouting NASCAR tracks. However, immediately after he had finished setting up, the man responsible for the current events board removed the recruiter article and posted 2 anti-military articles. One did coverage on the nation's growing opposition to military recruiters. The other was an opinion piece titled "Anti-war Activists, Where are you?", a piece targetting young America to "throw down your iPods and take up the peace sign." What's worse is that the writer thinks that we should protest Iraq the same way we should protest Vietnam. My interpretation is that the author intends for young America to spit at our soldiers as well.

The administration originally established that the only articles featured on the current events board are should to be factual articles detailing current events. However, recently, I've been seeing more and more op-ed pieces on there. That I can easily forgive, and probably encourage. However, posting two blatantly anti-military articles in the presence of a military recruiter is completely inappropriate, if not disrespectful. In addition, it's also a dirty form of subliminal messaging, and I won't stand for it. I will try to find out the man's intentions for doing this. He better have a good excuse.

As if that weren't enough, some of our school's druggies organized a mini-chant, "don't kill babies" (note the hypocrisy), and started parading around the building, chanting faster when they pass the recruiter. The vice principal caught wind of this and spoke to them about it. The VP is aware Tinker vs. Des Moines would allow the students to do a chant like that, so she spoke to them about their ethics, and the principals respect. Normally I would fight for the students, but for once, I think I agree with this authoritarian b*tch.

The recruiter then had a little break from the activism, 10 minutes or so. Then 2 flamboyant women (presumably lesbians, judging by their holding hands and groping each other) started asking the recruiter about info on gays in the military. This put him in an uncomfortable position, but he explained anyway. Just before he brought up the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, a dude came up, saluted the recruiter, and then started making comments about how good he (the recruiter) looked, and proceeded to ask him questions about how soldiers "entertain" themselves while at war. Sexual harassment anyone?

As a person who takes a genuine interest in joining one of the branches of the Armed Forces (undecided as of yet), I chimed in and started making conversation with the recruiter. I saw the look of relief in his eyes. A few seconds pass by, and the lesbians and the dude leave, high-fiving each other.

Those were all the happenings I witnessed today. Our school has 3 lunches, and I was only there for one of them, so who knows? I honestly feel bad for the recruiter, taking all that shit from a school community that prides itself on openess and respect.


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