Thursday, March 02, 2006

Update in 4 Months

Hello to my faithful readers. It's been almost about 4 months, and I can finally relax a little. I got into my top choice college, so it's all good.

School Newspaper's going very well. I definitely shattered a few myths about me being the Nazi Conservative. One was that I wrote a factual piece on the Alito confirmation, and it received good feedback (people were spending much time debating it, which is rare). Second was a huge anti-HAMAS commentary. This school has a very big Jewish population, so it really threw them off their feet when I wrote something that's *gasp* Pro-Israel. Naturally, this one girl who always tries to harass me for my political views (the one who called me an obnoxious jerk in response to my Sheehan column) again tried to "pwn" me, this time saying that I was "pissed that the free elections didn't turn out the way I wanted." Damn right I'm pissed, but I'm also really disappointed in the Palestinians. Now that Sharon and Arafat are out of the way, they blew a huge chance to start over with the Israelis.

Not too many other updates actually. The only major one from my school is that my sociology teacher is spending this quarter teaching a class on race relations. It's pretty decent, except for the occasional moments where he slips into white-bashing mode. I would have to say that his course has an agenda, but no objective whatsoever. We basically spend every single day discussing the grievances of minorities, espeically the Blacks, Hispanics, and Indians. Of course, Asians don't count because according to him, we're "honorary whites" and we sold out a long time ago. I love how he says he's trying to promote racial understanding. He only alienates a few races. Nothing bad, right?

Then there was the unit we did on Jews. Given modern conditions, I would expect him to be a Jew-basher. He wasn't. He really supported to Jews (he should; he's married to one). Of course, he doesn't support him in the way I would expect. Everyday, he would launch into an anti-Christian tirade on how we oppress the Jews. Now, I don't deny that if the Islamic influence dimished, there would be more anti-Semitism, but please; he at least could have fed the class reality and not bullshit. What's worse is that there's a liberal Jew in the room who agrees with every word he says. Guess what happened when he opened a class with the question "how would the Jews react if America suddenly decided to go to war with Israel?" Of course, I call him out on such an unrealistic proposal, adding that we wouldn't want to lose a key ally in an unstable region (especially Bush, who tends to politick a lot). He responds, "my purpose is to make you uncomfortable so I can get you thinking." Let's try this: for the rest of the quarter, I'm going to make an extreme-right statement in class. We'll see the outcry it gets from my classmates as well as the predatory counterpoints-borderline-subtle censorship from the teacher. Free thinking when it only goes one way right? Maybe if he didn't push so much of an agenda people would be even more uncomfortable and would think better. Bet he never thought of that.

My speculation on 2006 Massachusetts Gubernatorial election voting record was right. All teachers voting for Reilly except for the 2 Republican English teachers. The primary has them locked in debate though. One's voting for Kerry Healy (current Lt. Gov.) and another plans to vote for Gary Lee. We'll have to see who breaks through.

Next item is Black History Month. Definitely a time to celebrate. There was a bulletin board dedicated to some of the lesser-known and more contemporary blacks for dissented from the mainstream. I see people on there like Thurgood Marshall, Danny Glover, Angie Stone, Kofi Anan, Queen Charolette, and Coretta Scott King. Good stuff, except three good people are missing. Given current events involving racism from within, I would expect Michael Steele to be there. He endured way too many racially charged attacks to just be left in the dust. Another famous black that gets no credit is Thomas Sowell. Good social commentator and definite influential figure. Too bad everybody sees him as a sellout. Next is Uncle Tom, I mean, Clarence Thomas. Yea that Clarence Thomas. I've seen the way the school characterized him before. One of the test questions for US History was "what is Clarence Thomas' most known feat on the SCOTUS?" The correct answer was "votes with Scalia on 93% of issues." Wow. Way to make him out to be the house slave. Of course, he's not on there either. I actually put out a request to have him on there, but the man in charge of the bulletin board utterly refused, citing that Clarence Thomas does not represent Black interests. Since when did he have to?

Final Newsbrief: As asshole teacher in Colorado spent a portion of class ranting against America. Only one student stood up to him. That brave souls deserves a Freedom Seal of Approval. Link here:
Hat tip to REAL TEEN from Right on the Right.